…not full-blown winter, but the beginnings…snow icing the
mountains, winds blowing cold across the ocean, darkness ascending more quickly, porridge on the stove, wool socks and gloves out of storage, fireplace working overtime. Yup, it’s that time of year.

Next up? Christmas.

Time to snuggle up under the eiderdown and read, read, read, or pursue whatever brings you enjoyment. Speaking of reading, check out
READING for a quick review of the new Joseph Boyden book, “The Orenda”.


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…of course these photos can’t really do the fireworks justice, but they
were pretty spectacular from our vantage point on the beach in Kitsilano.
The night was warm and the crowds were in a peaceful mood.  The
fireworks were beautifully choreographed over the Bay – every height and angle was measured perfectly and the clusters were delicate and timed to perfection.
Every possible effect in the sky and on the water was taken into consideration.
We sat spellbound watching the perfect melding of science, art and music and wondered at the sheer ingenuity it takes to set up a light show of this caliber.
No one left disappointed!  The natural backdrop of water and mountains is the perfect showcase for this annual event.  Imagine trying to pick a winner!