Back on track AGAIN!

Time will tell how adept one can become and how much time one has to expend
revamping a website and going through ALL the writing that accumulates in websites like FB and WordPress, to extract ‘data’ that can be compiled into something valuable and relevant, instructional even.  For those who want to WRITE, I submit that writing daily on a social networking platform in any comprehensible way IS writing.  Now the task is to harness the energy and fluidity of such outpourings and create something that has a life beyond the www.


…finishing what I started and starting anew

After a day trip to the Malaspina Galleries on Gabriola Island, the most northern of the Southern Gulf Islands in the Georgia Strait, BC, I knew that these unique sandstone formations would be the inspiration for my first abstract painting.  The 20 minute ferry ride from Nanaimo takes you to Gabriola, a fairly large island and at the northwest end of the island at Malaspina Point can be found the weathered sandstone caves and overhangs which stretch out alongside and into the Pacific.  From an artists perspective, the light and dark and overlapping shapes of rock are organic in their form, with water pooling in almost cellular like structures…the photographs and then the resulting rendering (still not quite finished) in acrylic paint are a first impression and interpretation of what I saw.
I have combined elements (e.g. layered, overlapping and cell shaped rocks) into one view…and want to portray the incredibly organic nature of the place.

I immediately knew while looking at the rock formations that I would not want to paint them as they are, but to interpret them in the way they affected me as we walked over them and experienced them.  The painting is not yet completed, but soon!