One month has passed since my last blog post.  Sounds a bit like confession, doesn’t it?  This does not bode well for the NEW YEAR, however my resolutions have been made and I’m tapping away at the keyboard, happy to finally be back at the drawing board.

GREY, foggy, misty, dampness has settled onto
our fair shores but we mustn’t complain about our weather compared to our East Coast friends and family. We have had a very gentle winter so far with only one short cold snap that challenged our plumbing and heating systems, (not to forget aching bones!)

New Year’s day began with the annual plunge into the waters of the frigid Pacific…and though the day was not cold the water WAS!  So good to scream like a baby entering the world for the first time! The Polar swim; a refreshing look into the future with eyes, heart and head clear and fully awake to the possibilities.  A new year, with the seeds for new beginnings already planted.

Why start the year with a polar swim?

*Wikipedia gives the following info on the origins of the ‘polar bear plunge’.


In Canada “Polar Bear Swims”, “Plunges”, or “Dips”, is a New Year’s Day tradition in numerous communities across the country.[1]Vancouver, BC’s annual Polar Bear Swim Club has been active since 1920 and typically has 1,000 to 2,000 registered participants, with a record 2,128 registrants plunging into English Bay in 2000. Registration is not enforced and the actual number of swimmers may be significantly higher. Estimates of the number of observers are typically up to 10,000.[2] Suburban White Rock, BC’s was founded in 1958, and other suburbs including Port Moody and North Vancouver also hold swims[3]

Other locations include Bowen Island BC [18], Edmonton AB, Calgary AB, Ottawa ON, Oakville ON,[4] Toronto ON,[5] Clarington ON,[6]Sarnia ON,[7] Montreal QC, North Hatley QC, Halifax NS, Prince Edward Island, and St. John’s NL. In Yellowknife NWT, the “Freezin’ for a Reason” plunge is held in March after the spring thaw.

Hopefully you will make your NEW YEAR everything it can be for you, your family and friends.  Good to spread your self around – just how much and for whom usually varies – life is like that!  Spread it around according to the balancing act that is your life and stay on course.

What does the NEW YEAR represent for you?  More of the same?  Less is more?  New beginnings?  Approach to finish lines/deadlines?

So many ways to be inspired. Are you a ‘resolution- maker’ come resolution breaker?  Are New Year’s resolutions a source of stress or pleasure, of anticipation or dread?

I say that life is what you make it and if you have to make resolutions to get motivated, fine. If you have to break them to cut yourself some slack, so be it.  But movement forward is key.  Standing still is sometimes necessary, but ultimately, there has to be movement…and forward is usually the direction we are heading for.

This year?  I generally want to move forward with my photography – and to increase my opportunities for writing.  I have added ‘POETRY’ as a new page, and perhaps this blog will enable me to bring to light the works of a lifetime thus, and to be inspired to write more poetry as the new year opens up possibilities for travel, learning, and honing skills.

What’s on your agenda for 2014?