Time to get back into the blog of things…I have not been faithful to
my daily meditation, at least not in print, and so, the encroaching
days of darkness inspire me to get back to the keyboard to record
the events of the summer passed.  

In ‘READING’, I have included a number of book titles that might be
of interest, and would encourage anyone to reply with some favorite
book titles of their own.  

I have also posted a simple recipe in Food & Recipes – this is a winner!

The weather here in BC for the past couple of weeks has been sensational
and I can almost say that the FALL colours this year could possibly compete
with those back east…just saying…it’s pretty spectacular here at present!
Halloween is coming up, and the fog and mists that have been coming off the
ocean with the accompanying fog horns is making this season quite special.
By mid-morning, most of the fog has burned off and we are enveloped in a
warm,  golden and resplendent sun…enjoy while you can.  The leaves are 
just beginning to cover the streets and sidewalks in carpets of gold and red, and
if we are lucky the rains will hold off so that we will not be walking around in our
customary leaf-mash…layers and layers of it lining the pavement.

Enough…back to the drawing board!