H A L E A K A L A – see ‘Photography’ for slideshow of this trip up
Maui’s dormant volcano!

Cinder cones in the crater

Cinder cones in the crater



The last time we were on Maui was when we were moving to Canada
from New Zealand.  We stopped here in transit, to lessen the blow
from summer to winter.  We stayed in Kihei, the beach beautiful,
the hotel reasonable for a young family uprooting.  23 years later,
we are back in Kihei, on the same beach, in a condo, in the same
resort and not much has changed.  Palm trees, golden sand, crashing
waves, trade winds, and tourists from all over.  The mornings are
beautiful, with the ocean calmer and the skies clearing from the heavy
mists – the palm trees silhouetted against the blue sky and the bluer
water…it’s hot hot hot, the water is cool and refreshing, the sand fine
and powdery and the people are happy…kids away from technology,
in their bathing suits, with boogie boards and snorkels, everyone laughing
and screaming as the waves pound the shore…oh Hawaii, the wonderful!

The beach at Mana Kai, Kihei/Wailea, Maui

More pix can be found in “PHOTOGRAPHY”.


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