Denmark to Latvia

…From Denmark to LATVIA…and lovely Jurmala by the Baltic Sea
Photos coming up!
Feels like a long time since I was strolling alongside the Sea…
back to the Pacific Ocean and off to Smitty’s on a Labor Day weekend to sample some of our own fresh fare from the deep.
Check PHOTOGRAPHY for more photographs (under construction : )
Here’s one to keep us happy!

Old Town, Riga, Latvia



NYHAVN – Breakfast with boats

This is definitely a city of boats. Summer brings out the boat
owners who could be found eating brunch aboard, under the envious eyes of most tourists strolling by.

The morning was sunny and warm, then the wind picked up, the clouds gathered and the rain fell, briefly but with force. The weather was like this off and on all day, and now after 9:00 pm, the air is still full of moisture and the odd lightning flash. Kind of refreshing as everything is parched after what I hear has been 2 months of great summer temps.
More to come…


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…of course these photos can’t really do the fireworks justice, but they
were pretty spectacular from our vantage point on the beach in Kitsilano.
The night was warm and the crowds were in a peaceful mood.  The
fireworks were beautifully choreographed over the Bay – every height and angle was measured perfectly and the clusters were delicate and timed to perfection.
Every possible effect in the sky and on the water was taken into consideration.
We sat spellbound watching the perfect melding of science, art and music and wondered at the sheer ingenuity it takes to set up a light show of this caliber.
No one left disappointed!  The natural backdrop of water and mountains is the perfect showcase for this annual event.  Imagine trying to pick a winner!