Night crawl with Krystyna

Night crawl with Krystyna

Photos by ALTB…

A perfect night…a walk downtown to Cineplex Odeon theatres (Ex Tinseltown in Chinatown) to see MUD (a coming of age story, with a twist) – a coffee to keep the eyenypineys open, smuggled into the theatre – a bag of Purdy’s chocolates to sweeten the plot and a great walk home to burn off the calories…past the night market in Chinatown, up Main Street, past the Cobalt, and Farina’s Pizza – and shining to the west, the jeweled crown of BC Place – photos taken from a different vantage point…the evening was balmy – more calories at Mario’s gelato with the hill climb our only salvation, from 2ndIMG_3698 IMG_3705 upward! Aren’t we lucky to live in one of the most gorgeous cities in the world! Even the movie was worth seeing, in a corny way. The young boys in the film made it for me, although Matthew McConaughey isn’t hard to look at. Reese Witherspoon had a rather understated and dramatic role, not typically her ‘comedic’ persona…all in all, the night was a little bit of everything! Vancouver in the summertime!

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