Today whilst helping a friend pack up her condo for moving day, we
discussed that she was heading into a whole new phase of her life.  On the
brink of her 60th birthday, she was ready to get rid of the ‘stuff’ she had
been storing in cupboards, garage and storage lockers for a long time.

What an unburdening to finally be able to ‘let it go’, to live with a very select
number of necessities and treasures that will be with you till your dying day (so you think!).  And so it accumulates – for example, all the collections of shells, stones and plant matter – all precious reminders of a great trip or a special beach, fun with friends and family on a camping trip – then there are the mementos, souvenirs – things you and your family just had to have – all that STUFF.  As with almost everything, timing plays a huge part in whether your are ready to give up something that you’ve held on to for a long time.  As we delivered numerous boxes of photographs and frames and relics from another time and place to a woman who owns a ‘prop’ shop for the film industry (and makes it her business to have MORE), my friend literally seemed to float a little higher up in her car seat as we drove off sans all the STUFF.  Simply, it means that there are fewer things to schlep to the new place, to unpack, to find a spot for, or even worse, to realize that you really don’t like or need it anymore and then guess what?  You have to shove it into a closet or another storage locker, and yada yada round and round it goes to prove that all this stuff makes us CRAZY!

So, my advice is – once we reach our sixties, it’s best to adopt the theme ‘Less is More’…and enjoy the great purges and clean-outs, the garage sales of the century – they are your friends!  Stay away from other people’s garage sales –  flea markets, and secondhand stores – use Craig’s list and Kijiji simply to GET RID OF all that stuff that you have had enough of…god knows, and give it to others who want to ‘try it on’.  And peace be with them, because some people just haven’t yet had enough stuff…and imagine if you can make some $ getting rid of it all –  here’s the best part!  My lighter-load friend just paid to have her new place painted from the sale of her tchotchkes…what’s not to like about that?

So, the mantra we say until we go out with but the shirt on our back is “less is more”.
Go on, say it!


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