DURGA Interiors at 4th & Alma

(click photo # 1 for slideshow)

Durga is one of my favorite stores, along with Maiwa…if you like the exotic, then this little gem is for you. Durga’s owner Ray will welcome you and give you some history about the pieces that catch your eye. He is also very knowledgeable about essential oils, and has a fabulous collection including the stories of how the flowers or plants are harvested, stored and aged before being ready for use. My old favorite, Patchouli, is an acquired scent, and definitely not for everyone – you either love it or hate it…my new favorite, Vintage Marigold, has a soft and powdery scent…divine. Drop in and say hi to Ray, and I can assure you that this shop will become a regular place for you to visit. It is particularly interesting when a new container has arrived from India with fabulous furniture, statuary, and unique architectural pieces, such as door lintels or windows. If you do go, tell Ray that Avril sent you!

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