DURGA Interiors at 4th & Alma

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Durga is one of my favorite stores, along with Maiwa…if you like the exotic, then this little gem is for you. Durga’s owner Ray will welcome you and give you some history about the pieces that catch your eye. He is also very knowledgeable about essential oils, and has a fabulous collection including the stories of how the flowers or plants are harvested, stored and aged before being ready for use. My old favorite, Patchouli, is an acquired scent, and definitely not for everyone – you either love it or hate it…my new favorite, Vintage Marigold, has a soft and powdery scent…divine. Drop in and say hi to Ray, and I can assure you that this shop will become a regular place for you to visit. It is particularly interesting when a new container has arrived from India with fabulous furniture, statuary, and unique architectural pieces, such as door lintels or windows. If you do go, tell Ray that Avril sent you!


Why 30 is NOT the new 20


A good friend of mine with a 20-something daughter and
son sent this to me. Being educators and having 20 something
young adults in our lives, we often discuss their lives relative
to what is happening in the world today and sometimes compare
their lives with the way it was for us in our 20’s in the 1970s…
there are some distinct similarities and glaring differences.

When you are young you think you have all the time in the world to live life,
but somehow, we felt that we had no time to waste, perhaps because
of the influences of our parents before us – people who lived through WWII.
We had no World War II to remind us of hardships, and our parents wanted
us to have a good life, while bearing in mind that hard work and motivation
would be the keys to our success…then we raised our children out
of the shadows of such a reality, and wanted them to have EVERY
benefit possible, sometimes removing the struggle that is necessary
for growth.

…listen to this Ted Talk and see what new insights it brings you.



I have changed the ‘theme’ or look & layout for this blog…and now text is dancing erratically from line to line…strange things happening…not enough hours in a day for these frivolities – aaaaaah – bear with me; patience! Sunny and bright, BUT cool in Vancouver today! Trip booked for Copenhagen- Latvia …some small steps in the right direction. Travelling in Europe can be expensive – thanks to www.airbnb.ca  you can find some nice accommodations – for example, you can find people who want to rent a room in their house or apartment, and this site helps you make the right connections.  I decided not to book a hotel, but rent an apartment and considering that you get an entire place to yourself, the price is right!

Booking travel for the summer?  Check out ‘airbnb’!

Anthony Bourdain tours Montreal/Quebec City

I have always loved reading Anthony Bourdain’s food adventures around the world…it started with Kitchen Confidential and for years, he has had his own TV series about cuisine from all over the world…very VERY entertaining…this particular YouTube video is close to my heart even if the food is way over the top. The scenes of Montreal, Quebec City and the Quebec countryside in the wintertime is very ‘nostalgique’ for me. The food Anthony consumes with a couple of crazy Quebecois chefs is worth the watch…Enjoy!



Tripod set up in front of hummingbird feeders…mostly rufous and ruby throated…amazing creatures, hard to catch, but sometimes they daintily sit on the rung of the feeder and sip, looking out for danger…they completely disregard me now as I stand or sit waiting PATIENTLY for them to come around, and they don’t easily disappoint…


IMG_6186 Hummingbirds at my feeder!

Nectar nectar everywhere……..despite the overflowing flowers and blossoms everywhere, these hummingbirds still come to the feeders and have a sip…takes a tripod and patience to get these little creatures. So fast, agile and aggressive…the sound of them flying by is like a mini bomber…nyeownh!