Never let the bastards get you down!


Osama Bin Laden talked about how he and his supporters would wage their war against the citizens of the US…they would keep the American citizens fearful, they would strike at unexpected  times and in unexpected ways…and Americans would live less comfortably, less freely than they would otherwise.  They would live more like the people in Baghdad, in Afghanistan, in Israel, in Syria…always on the edge, afraid for their lives and those of their family and friends…never knowing when the next attack would come.  This of course presupposes that the attack was Al Quaeda related, which it very well might not.  Regardless of who instigated this outrage, it initially had the desired effect of death, destruction, shock and horror on the world stage, but the outrage is now turning, as it did after 9/11, into solidarity and a united cry to ‘not let the bastards get you down’.  To run a marathon takes strength, stamina, training, and a strong resolve to accomplish a difficult physical challenge.  Whoever set off these bombs was messing with the wrong group of people…unhappily the friends and families of these runners were those who were most deeply harmed, and it just goes to show how sick and tormented the individual or individuals are that perpetrated this terrible breach against human decency…they will be found, and they will bear the terrible weight of their crime.  There is NOTHING that justifies this act.  NOTHING.

2 thoughts on “Never let the bastards get you down!

  1. They have been found and what a terrible shock to see a young 19 year old , so seemingly vulnerable taken down a path of utter violence and destruction
    . What a crazed end for the sake of blind ideology and what and where did they grow up to end up as such damaged immoral young men . You are so right nothing can
    justify this horrendous crime against humanity.

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