Keeping the blahs away

February is best left behind. Time to usher in March with the crocuses, snow drops and primula blooming, and a multitude of other plants and trees burgeoning burgeon |ˈbərjən| verb [ intrans. ] [often as adj. ] ( burgeoning)
begin to grow or increase rapidly; flourish • put forth young shoots; bud.(ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French bourgeonner ‘put out buds,’ from borjon ‘bud,’ out of the ground and on tree branches. The smaller birds are tittering very actively in the mornings, there is definitely excitement in the air, and the local woodpecker is knocking himself out on the electricity pole, trying to attract a mate. Because the weather is improving (ha!) and the hours of daylight are increasing, like the plants and birds, I want to be out there. Yesterday, I invested in a new bicycle and took it for a neighborhood spin, and beyond. Since our walk through Spain, I have been walking everywhere, and while this is a great form of exercise and a way to discover new things, it sometimes takes too large a chunk out of the day…if only I could spend every day meandering. So, the bicycle is that perfect go between that gets me where I want to go, faster, and without polluting, not to mention the exercise that automatically comes from pedalling. I shopped around for the bicycle, having had my last bike (relatively new) stolen from our garage – the audacity of the thief crowbarring the lock on the door of the garage and making off with my ‘beautiful bluebird’ with the new birthday bell that Krystyna gave me – well, I got off easy. Bikes ARE replaceable, though it is a pain to go hunting again for the perfect fit. It seems a long time ago since the theft and it has taken me 2 years to replace ‘Bluebird’ with something comparable. I am now back in the saddle, and it felt really good to be zipping along with the wind in my face!

My new ride...

My new ride…

One thought on “Keeping the blahs away

  1. Familiar stab of second hand bike was stolen out of our garage WHILE I was unloading the car at 10: one night. My sheepskin seat cover sat estranged on the driveway, and it took me a few minutes to puzzle it through. And we live in a dead end street in a ‘lovely’ neighborhood. My next second-hander I will grimly take a blowtorch to trying to prevent this slapping waste of time and money. Problem is committing time to making all this happen. And feeling angry. Blah. Oh, hey, though…enjoy your Bluebird II ;]

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